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What a Year!

What a Year!

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”

Happy 2019! To wrap-up 2018, we asked our team members to share something they learned, a unique experience, or their favorite memory of the year. As we constantly strive to improve, we use this reflection as a tool to guide us into the new year and ensure we are always moving in the right direction. The responses we received blew us away and prove we are on the right track!

MELISSA BERRY, Marketing Coordinator, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“There is so much to choose from! I could talk about watching every employee grow and their successes with partners through the tools and unconditional support offered by the company. But, when I reflect, what’s looking back at me from 2018 is the industry community. Everyone I have connected with this year has truly made me grow to better understand their needs. Whether it be a partner expressing a pain point or a conversation with a sawmill owner after a long day at a convention, they have all been welcoming and open to helping us help them. Community supporting community to me is priceless, and it can only be shown, not taught.”

– Melissa Berry, Marketing Coordinator

AMANDA HUANG, Chief Operating Officer, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“There are no secrets to the success of Continental Underwriters. It’s simple hard work, dedication, and the relentless desire to do things the right way even if it’s not the easy way. 2018 saw that simple idea come to fruition. I continue to be in awe of the team of talented and dedicated individuals we have at Continental Underwriters. They impress me and challenge me each day with their desire to do good work for our customers, our carrier partners, and the industry we serve. You can’t help but be motivated by their passion!”

– Amanda Huang, Chief Operating Officer

OLIVIA GUTHROW, Risk Assessment Assistant, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“2018 marked my first year working full time at Continental Underwriters. It has been such an incredible learning experience to get to work alongside some of the industries brightest minds as I begin to cultivate my insurance career. I look forward to the promising opportunities 2019 has to bring!”

– Olivia Guthrow, Underwriting Analyst

ANDREW BELCHER, Production Underwriting Team Lead, Forest Products, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“A highlight for me in 2018 was getting a chance to attend the SLMA in Colorado and NHLA in Canada. We had the pleasure of meeting so many of our current clients and agents; learning how we can help others in the forest products industry; learning about the challenges & new technology in their space; and spreading the word about how Continental Underwriters is the National Solution to Your Local Risk. I truly enjoyed the experience and I am geared up for the various tradeshows and events in 2019!”

– Andrew Belcher, Production Underwriting Team Leader

Rebecca Perkins Underwriting Analyst

“Since joining the CU family in June 2018 I have never felt more welcome! The energy and drive the folks in this office exude on a daily basis is contagious. It is nearly impossible to come in here and not strive to be the best and push the boundaries. Such an exciting place to call home!”

– Rebecca Perkins, Underwriting Analyst

Taylor Overton Risk Assessment Representative

“I’ve only been here a short while, but one thing stands out. Continental Underwriters expects the best, because they are the best. Great leadership and teamwork gives Continental Underwriters employees extraordinary drive to provide the best services possible for our insureds and industry partners. Continental’s commitment to success for our clients, employees, and families is unmatched.”

– Taylor Overton, Risk Assessment Representative

BERNIE KURTZWEIL, Underwriting Director, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“It still amazes me after all these years that focusing on niches offers the best opportunities to really understand and bring value to clients. Like most niche industries, forest products is evolving and looking for the insurance industry keep current and help find practical solutions to its risks. That is the objective everyday.”

– Bernie Kurtzweil, Underwriting Director

Carmen Justice Account Manager

“I believe that the team at Continental Underwriters, Inc. has a positive and high spirit workplace culture. We all believe in supporting each other on a daily basis and achieving our goals, which allows us to perform efficiently and build trust with our clients even if it is in the office or at our insured sawmills, etc. We understand the wood products industry and understand what it takes to provide the needs of our insured, to protect their business.”

– Carmen Justice, Account Manager

C. PRESTON HERRINGTON, III, President & CEO, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“We are coming up on our 6th year anniversary and I’m starting to see across the company people coming into their own, making decisions, taking on decisions and doing it well. I have a great sense of pride, and at the same time realize my presence is not critical to our success. This is a great thing!”

– C. Preston Herrington, III, President & CEO

KRISTIE SMITH, Underwriting Analyst Team Lead, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“In 2018 I think Continental learned as a company it doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what WE are doing. We stayed true to ourselves, fought for what we believed in, and came out stronger than ever. I am so proud of this team and all we have accomplished!”

– Kristie Smith, Underwriting Analyst Team Lead

LOGAN KIRKLAND, Production Underwriter, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“I’ve learned that we can truly make a difference in the lives of our insureds by utilizing our niche expertise and strategic relationships to minimize cost and deliver a robust product. Providing an asset protection program for our clients in today’s tough market climate is a very rewarding experience.”

– Logan Kirkland, Production Underwriter

COREY BOUNDS, Risk Assessment Director, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“2018 was busy and exciting. We saw parts of the wood products industry see great success and parts see some real challenges. But for us as a company, we saw the hard work we have all put in really pay off. I am proud to work with such a great group of dedicated people! I always feel as though I have the whole company backing me every single day.”

– Corey Bounds, Director of Risk Assessment Services

DALE SCHMINCKE, Transportation Director, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“There was a lot of change within the Forest Products Industry during 2018. We are thankful to be experts in this specialty niche, and I’m looking forward to bringing valuable solutions to our clients in 2019.”

– Dale Schmincke, Transportation Director


CATHY HENLEY, Financial Director, Continental Underwriters, Inc.

“I have enjoyed watching everyone here grow over the last year. These guys are the best people ever to work with!”

– Cathy Henley, Financial Director

Woody Stanchina, Production Underwriter, Continental Underwriters, Inc.“The right way is the only way. Anything short of that is not gonna fly.”

– Woody Stanchina, Production Underwriter

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