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We Are Fierce Advocates For YOU

We Are Fierce Advocates For YOU

Forest Products Insurance is a very small part of the day to day work for a sawmill owner. They rely on their broker to get them the coverage they need.

That is a big task for a broker, and you cannot do it alone. You need a trusted partner to help make solid long-term decisions. You need to work with someone that will provide insight into how to assess risk, evaluate options for managing risk, and select insurance products appropriate to transfer risk.

At Continental Underwriters, Inc., our mission is to bring quality, passion, and expertise back to the insurance industry. We are powered by our vision of the relentless pursuit of excellence and challenging the status quo. We do things the right way, not the easy way. We are fierce advocates for our customers and partners, and we are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

How do we do this?


When you work with Continental Underwriters, you get the benefit of our collective skill, knowledge, and passion. Our team has over 175 years of insurance experience, and over 125 years of experience specific to the forest products industry. We work diligently with our many carrier partners to create insurance programs that serve the unique needs and challenges of the forest products industry.

The ever-changing nature of the forest products industry means coverage needs regular adjustment. Where others see this as a problem, we see an opportunity. Every day we serve the forest products and insurance industries, and every day we encounter questions, problems, and opportunities unique to forest products. These challenges make us better, more knowledgeable, and improve the coverage we provide.

We know the more engaged you are in an industry, the more prepared you are to tackle real-world challenges with practical solutions. Our clients expect more from us, and we embrace those high standards. We encourage feedback on how well we deliver on our promises, and constantly endeavor to improve in everything we do. We are proud of our client retention and believe this speaks volumes of our team and the services we provide.

Simply put, every day we strive to deliver positive experiences. We consider the time spent understanding what is important as actually important. We measure satisfaction by the level of trust and respect clients place with us. While every problem may not have an ideal solution, we search for practical solutions using our experience and deep understanding of forest products and insurance.



Continental Underwriters, Inc. views claims handling as a top reason you buy insurance. When you are facing adversity, we guide you to help your client to recover and return your business to normal operations. We believe keeping communication lines open is critical for moving through claim’s handling in order to reach the positive outcome of putting the loss behind you and moving forward.

Claims can become emotional quickly, so making sure everyone is doing their part in a timely and respectful manner along with being open and transparent brings fairness and speed to the understanding, assessing, cooperating and settling of a claim.

With Continental Underwriters, Inc., our services are provided all year long. When a claim happens, we connect you with the right people at the insurance company to begin handling your claim immediately. We follow-up to make sure these people are engaged fully and moving promptly. Along with this comes identifying missing information and roadblocks that quickly stall the adjustment process. Thereafter, periodic check-ins occur to verify everyone is moving in the same direction.

With Continental Underwriters, Inc. involved, claims adjusting and settlements often run smoother and settle faster. While every claim is different in its details, we are proud of our ability to promote fairness, speed and, if needed, the advocacy to minimize pain and frustration.

Risk Assessment/Loss Control/Safety Services

Loss control is often a one-way street for an insurance company to make suggestions for how you should run your business and what you must do to continue getting insurance from the company. As a specialist in forest products insurance, we understand there is a balance between cost and benefit. To reinforce our passion toward practicality in this field, our experts practice Risk Assessment versus Loss Control. Well beyond a difference in name, Continental Underwriters, Inc. believes in assessing risk and identifying costs/benefits for options, then collaborating toward optimal solutions that control risk, are cost practical, and most importantly, consider the impact it has on your clients day to day operations. After all, you are in business to do business, and every decision has impact.


C. Preston Herrington, III

C. Preston Herrington, III
President & CEO


Founder C. Preston Herrington, III created Continental Underwriters, Inc. in January 2013, after 17 years as a Managing General Agent and Wholesaler of Property and Casualty Insurance specializing in the Forest Products Industry. With his experience and work ethic he has built a dynamic team ready to serve your insurance needs.

Continental Underwriters, Inc. represents more than 30 carriers who specialize in or have an affinity for forest products, and can handle any placement an agent or broker has.

Our longstanding carrier relationships enable us to negotiate and provide competitive asset-protection programs for your clients. Given the hard market and reduced capacity facing the forest products industry, these relationships are critical to ensuring the most favorable terms. We are available to provide advice with a balanced approach and balanced feedback to facilitate green field projects, upgrades, and expansions that benefit your operation’s protection and positively impact the ultimate cost of insurance.

We understand the risks that exist in running a forest products operation, and we find ways to minimize the ever-evolving risks while managing the associated costs.

Niche Insurance Solution

Each operation has its own unique risks and insurance coverage needs. We don’t treat these like every other business because we know they are different. We understand their process, the issues they face, and the industry they work within. With that complete understanding of the business, we are able to provide insurance solutions which make the insured and the insurance company happy.

We provide insurance coverage solutions for businesses involved in the manufacturing and distribution of forest products. These include but are not limited to: sawmills; veneer mills; pallet mills; plywood plants; wood preserving operations; drying operations; all types of woodworking/millwork plants; manufacturers of timbers, cants, and railroad ties; lumber yards, and retail and wholesale building materials distributors.

Minimum Premium: $25,000*
*Below $25,000 in premium will be considered on a case by case basis.

Coverage Types:

Equipment Breakdown
Inland Marine
Stock Throughput
General Liability
Commercial Auto
Workers Compensation

Our Promise to our Customers

When you work with Continental Underwriters, you can expect to receive a live person on the phone, a call back if you have to leave a voicemail, and a prompt response to your emails. We endeavor to provide all quotations 2 weeks ahead of policy effective dates, all binders within 2 business days of binding coverage, and all policies and endorsements within 30-45 days. In instances where we are unable to meet these timeframes, we will let you know where we stand and when we expect to have what you need. Our policy is that through open and constant communication, potential issues are avoided making everyone’s job easier!

At Continental Underwriters, we are passionate about what we do and take great pride in the service we provide. While every account and every situation is different, we always strive to provide our customers with the best coverage for the best premium, the best service, and the best overall experience every time.

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