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A Quick Guide to a Loss Control Visit

A Quick Guide to a Loss Control Visit

Working with mill owners and their employees across the country has provided our engineers with an expanded view of the industry. Observing and taking part in different processes has taught us what works, and what will need additional attention. From hot work programs to housekeeping and fire protection engineering systems, we have you covered. Seeing you succeed, along with promoting a safety-minded forest products community, is our ultimate goal.

What services will you receive?

Forest products insurance companies see numerous claims among their many insureds. They use this information to identify patterns and trends that may expose you — the client — and others to loss of property, injuries, and litigation. They share this experience during loss control inspections and make recommendations to reduce risk and improve insurability. The goal is for everyone to win.

How does it work?

When an insurance policy is bound, a company may send a loss control expert to visit your business, usually within 60 days. At this time, they assess your operations and pinpoint any hazards that have been shown to increase the risk of a claim. Once they identify potential dangers, they make recommendations as to how you can address them. The insurance company will share these recommendations with you, your broker and the underwriter so that you may act on them.

How can you prepare for the visit?

  • Ask what you should make available at the time of the site visit.
  • Know what lines of coverage will be part of the inspection.
  • Take the visit seriously.
  • Be friendly & cooperative. Expect the same from them.
  • Accompany the inspector at all times.
  • Ask questions and discuss items that are likely to appear in recommendations at the end of the visit.
  • Understand timeframes — when the report will be sent to you and due dates for complying with recommendations.

How should you handle recommendations?

Promptly respond to the carrier in writing (copy your broker/agent) and acknowledge each recommendation. The insurance company will expect you to make all compliance changes as soon as possible. If you wish to challenge the practicality of an item, do it immediately. Do not delay, as an insurance company sets priorities based upon their view of impact on the risk. Left unaddressed, a worst case scenario is cancellation of the policy, which would leave you to start the process of buying lumber insurance all over again.

Where can you get help resolving problems or concerns?

We are here to help you understand the recommendations you receive. We guide you in communicating with your insurance company in order to resolve issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved so you can focus on your business, and the insurance company can assist other clients.

Who can help?

Your Insurance Agent/Broker, who can get us involved,
or you can reach us directly:
Continental Underwriters, Inc.
Loss Control Support Services
(804) 643-7800

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