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Get to Know Tzachi Lozano, Underwriting Analyst

Get to Know Tzachi Lozano, Underwriting Analyst

Tzachi began his career with Continental Underwriters, Inc. as an Underwriting Technician and grew into his role as an Underwriting Analyst. The secret to his success? A love of solving problems and puzzles. So much so that he genuinely enjoys digging into the underwriting data to find our clients the best combination of coverage and cost.

He applies that unique curiosity to all aspects of his life, becoming an experienced martial artist and instructor, world traveler, and Keanu Reeves aficionado to name just a few of his exploits. If you work with us, Tzachi is working hard to ensure that you have the coverage you need, and now is your chance to get to know him.

Name: Tzachi (Sa-He) Lozano

Role: Underwriting Analyst

Time in This Role: Nine Months

Career Path: I have done many things, but to keep this short and sweet, I spent 15 years studying and teaching Kung Fu, which allowed me to travel and experience all kinds of different people, cultures, and places.

I went to VCU, which brought me to Richmond. Since graduating in 2018, I worked construction and laboratory jobs and never felt like either was as satisfying as my time here at Continental Underwriters, Inc.

What Brought You to the Forest Products Industry and Continental?

Serendipity! I chose the industry solely because I never did anything like it before. I’m always excited to take a shot at something new.

I started as an Underwriting Technician. Once I learned of all the options and grew into the incredible culture, I knew my best course of action was to stick around and do my best to move upward and forward.

Though new to the insurance industry, Tzachi perked our ears during his interview by discussing ways in which he had improved processes in his previous positions. As all insurance companies should, Continental seeks to constantly revisit current procedures to find better methods of getting the job done. We reject the mindset of “this is the way things have been done”, and Tzachi embodies just that. He hit the ground running at CU and keeps us on our toes with his fresh ideas. He pushes us all to look at our daily routine to see how we can improve.

– Olivia Wood, Underwriting Analyst Team Lead, Risk Assessment

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

It begins with correspondences—emails and phone calls come in with information on accounts. Then the fun really begins with digging deep into the underwriting for policies and looking for solutions to give the best coverages at the most competitive rates.

What Kinds of Things Motivate You to Excel in Your Day-to-Day Job?

My team! As a former martial artist, you learn that you will never be the fastest, strongest, or most technical. But if you evaluate your natural tendencies and abilities, you can learn how to mitigate your own weaknesses and improve your own strengths.

The same mentality can be applied to this industry. Rough days will happen, but working with a great team where I can learn from their strengths only makes me better with each smooth or rough day.

What Are the Three Most Important Skills You Bring to Your Job?

Investigation, determination, and a creative outlook.

What Makes You Different from Other People Who Do Your Job Elsewhere?

My environment. It is a game changer when you know that when you come to work, you have a whole team who has your back.

What Are Your Career Goals? 

Pursue continuing education to gain as much of an understanding of the industry as I can. Learning new things has always been a driving force for me. With all the caveats and movement within the industry, there is so much out there that can be done. I consider myself well versed, but there is always more to learn.

Do You Have a Vision for Continental’s future?

Continental as a company is so powerful and agile. There are so many possibilities to be explored. Since my relatively short time here, I have been given the opportunity to help create an Innovation Team where we look at this exact question on a regular basis. How can we do better, how can we be better? That’s a never-ending story, and I hope that we are able to continue moving up and reaching new ground. In short, my vision and goal for our company is to continue this track of continual improvement. Stagnation is not in the plan!

What Are Three Things Most People Don’t Know About Insurance?

  1. It’s not cookie-cutter, there is insurance for literally anything.
  2. For the most part, you get what you pay for.
  3. There will always be outliers, but believe it or not, not everyone is out there to gouge the client.

Who Inspires You?

Hot take here. Keanu Reeves, Woah! I know, but hear me out. The guy grew up in humble beginnings and went through a lot personally and professionally. Through all these setbacks and future triumphs, he has proven to be a genuine altruist. No matter his fame or fortune, he is still someone who would be more willing to dedicate time or money anonymously to causes that help the general good. As I have more time than money at this point, I work to put my time toward helping whomever I can.

What Are Three Moments in Your Life That You’re Most Proud Of?

  1. Receiving discipleship of two martial art systems.
  2. Climbing to the top of Mt. Esja, Iceland, on a whim at 2 am.
  3. Taking a leap of faith and jumping into this industry without prior experience. It has truly set me on a great path.

How Do You Like to Spend Your Free Time?

As a natural introvert, I do enjoy a night at home working on a hobby or watching TV. At the same time, I will rarely pass up going out for food or drinks with good friends to make memories.

What Is Your Personal Motto?

Where you put your energy, results will yield. I’ve told this to many students in the past. If you want to do or be better at anything, just put a minimum of five minutes a day into it. Life is a cultivation of skills and memories, it’s your choice on how you want your garden (life) to look.

Finish The Sentence: Continental Underwriters, Inc. is … 

The secret ingredient in your favorite dish. It’s always better with us in the mix!

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