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Why We’re Unique

Our Roots

At Continental Underwriters, Inc., we could serve the insurance needs of any business, but we choose to serve the needs of your business.

The fundamentals of our company are centered around providing the coverage you need and the service you deserve so you can focus on your business. Whether you’re a logger, a hauler, a manufacturer, or a distributor, we can put together a competitive and comprehensive insurance program so you can get back to business.


 We Proposition

We care about our employees and their families.
We are committed to our clients.
We are passionate about the industry.
We value relationships.
We serve our community.
We embrace professionalism, honesty, and integrity.
We celebrate success and winning.
We constantly strive to improve.

The Team

Andrew Belcher

Production Underwriting Team Lead

Melissa Berry

Marketing Coordinator

Corey Bounds

Risk Assessment Director

Olivia Guthrow

Risk Assessment Assistant

Cathy Henley

Financial Director

Amanda Huang

Chief Operating Officer

C. Preston Herrington, III

President & CEO

Amanda Jessen

Administrative Coordinator

Logan Kirkland

Production Underwriter

Bernie Kurtzweil

Underwriting Director

Dale Schmincke

Transportation Director

Kristie Smith

Underwriting Analyst Team Lead

Woody Stanchina

Production Underwriter

Christian Towler

Account Manager

Community Outreach

The Continental Underwriters, Inc. Endowed Scholarship at the VCU School of Business Foundation supports future industry leaders following in Mr. Herrington’s footsteps at his alma mater.

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Continental Underwriters, Inc. understands the forest products industry and the challenges it presents. We appreciate their responsiveness and flexibility when working on accounts.  They have a solid team in place and typically can get the job done.  Being an agency that also specializes in forest products it’s beneficial to be working with a MGA that does also.

-Insurance Agent

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