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Providing Underwriting and Risk Evaluation for the Forest Products Industry

When you partner with Continental Underwriters, you’re working with a seasoned team whose underwriting expertise in the forest products industry is unmatched. We provide insurance and risk management solutions to all classes that make up this specialty niche – from sawmills and wood chip mills to furniture manufacturers, pallet plants, wood treating plants, truss manufacturers, and other facets of the lumber and woodworking industry.

Our underwriting expertise will help you pinpoint exposures and provide opportunities to enhance and improve a client’s program with risk-mitigation and transfer. In some cases, we may suggest additional coverages, while in other cases improved safety programs may be needed to address existing or hidden exposures, depending on our risk evaluation.

We look at both internal and external forces that can contribute to an increase in exposures and put your client at additional risk. Our staff will also look for future exposures based on research, trends, and analysis, and provide flexible solutions to manage both what’s going on today and what may arise down the line.

Analyzing operations, pinpointing risks and providing solutions is what we do.

Let us help you secure a comprehensive, custom insurance and risk management program for your clients. Give us a call at (804) 643-7800, or email us at