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Providing Technical Consultation for the Forest Products Industry

Our ability to look at an operation from top to bottom, inside and out, and analyze all of its exposures is key in delivering strategies that result in better protection and insurance pricing for clients in the forest products industry. In assessing an operation, our team at Continental Underwriters will identify exposures to accidental loss and evaluate current procedures to pinpoint new and emerging loss exposures.

We’ll help you look at the type of risk management and insurance solutions your clients currently have in place to assess whether they’re addressing each exposure properly to reduce and protect against them.

We’ll review your risk assessment and safety programs, in addition to conducting a complete coverage analysis, to determine whether a client is under or over insured, if it’s best to self-insure in some areas, and if Excess insurance is necessary to cover greater-than-normal exposures regarding Property, Liability, and Workers Compensation.

We are uniquely positioned to assist your agency with clients in the forest products niche, as this is what we do. Our staff’s combined experience spans more than 110 years and we have partnered with leading carriers in this niche market.

Analyzing operations, pinpointing risks and providing solutions is what we do.

Let us help you secure a comprehensive, custom insurance and risk management program for your clients. Give us a call at (804) 643-7800, or email us at