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Safety and Risk Management Services for the Forest Products Industry

Continental Underwriters believes making safety and risk management a priority in each sector of the forest products industry is what helps to ensure a successful business. With safety as a priority, the results are a smoother operation, a more productive and healthier workforce, a reduction in losses and accidents, which keep premiums in line, and a more profitable business.

Continental will work with your insureds to provide our vast knowledge and experience in safety and risk management in the forest products industry to develop mitigation programs designed to improve a business’ operational safety performance. We will provide a comprehensive approach to improving safety performance and minimizing losses by focusing on the unique exposures that adversely affect an operation. This involves providing assistance that includes:

  • Drug Free Work Place program
  • Safety Program Evaluation
  • Return-To-Work program development and implementation
  • Safety Training including bilingual and e-training with the flexibility to meet the needs of multi-shift operations
  • Management Training: topics include hiring/screening, proper workers comp claim
  • Reporting, accident investigation/analysis and conducting effective safety meetings
  • And more

Moreover, our services will help differentiate your agency in the marketplace with your ability to offer competitive insurance products supported by a suite of safety and risk management strategies.

Analyzing operations, pinpointing risks and providing solutions is what we do.

Let us help you secure a comprehensive, custom insurance and risk management program for your clients. Give us a call at (804) 643-7800, or email us at