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Delivering a Comprehensive Insurance Program for Pallet/Box Manufacturers

We provide insurance solutions for the lumber, building materials, forest products and woodworking industries, including for pallet and box manufacturers. Just as in other classes in the industry, pallet and box manufacturers face a number of critical risks, with safety and risk assessment protocols equally as important as the insurance coverage purchased. For example, the potential for fire due to the use of heat sources and the presence of flammables requires strict adherence to fire safety codes, employee training to recognize the importance of following maintenance schedules, and vigilance in recognizing situations which could cause a fire.

At Continental Underwriters, we will provide your clients with both a comprehensive insurance program and turnkey risk management services. Our success in the forest products insurance industry lies in our exceptional Property, Liability and Workers Compensation insurance program and in our ability to help companies avoid losses in the first place. Our risk assessment specialists (fire protection engineers, inspectors, etc.) work collaboratively to help businesses practice risk assessment and best practices aimed at lowering the chances of a disastrous incident.

What’s more, we will work with you to help your clients remain OSHA-compliant and in reducing Workers Compensation injuries. Workers Comp is a major expenditure for pallet/box manufacturers and together we can provide your clients with a comprehensive set of workplace safety procedures, updating the procedures as new methods develop, and regularly reviewing procedures with new and seasoned employees. We also provide accident investigations and return-to-work programs to get employees back on the job as soon as possible.

Continental is here to help you meet the insurance challenges of the forest products industry.

Let us help you secure a comprehensive, custom insurance program for your clients. Give us a call at (804) 643-7800, or email us at