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Delivering a Comprehensive Insurance Program for Continuous Flow Dry Kilns

Continuous Flow Dry Kilns or CDKs connect multiple chambers to facilitate the drying process and reduce wasted heat energy. The lumber moves along a conveyance system, and is loaded on one end with finished dried material coming out on the other side which eliminates long loading and unloading times. This new and unique drying technology delivers continuous non-stop production and is continuously evolving. As with any new technology there are challenges. One of the biggest challenges with the process is the propensity for the kilns to burn. As a result, insurance companies are reluctant to offer coverage. Understanding the exposure and focusing on best practices has allowed Continental to make available coverage for this extremely difficulty risk. 

At Continental Underwriters, we insure the lumber-drying industry as part of our overall focus in the forest products sector whether the kiln is of traditional design or the new Continuous Flow Design. Dry kilns are an integral part of the woodworking process, and any equipment failure can result in a loss to the lumber contained inside, depending on the species of wood and residence time required to dry the wood to an acceptable moisture level. We offer coverage for dry kilns as part of a sawmill’s operation or to standalone kiln-drying facilities.

Our insurance program includes Property coverage, including Business Interruption and Extra Expense, Equipment Breakdown, and other key critical products, including General Liability, Commercial Auto, Crime, Employment Practices, and Workers Compensation.

Continental is here to help you meet the insurance challenges of the forest products industry.

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