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The following case studies exemplify the commitment that Continental Underwriters makes to offer a superior level of service. We are the national solution to your local risk.

Case Study #1

We received a call from Anne, a CSR from an agency located on the East Coast. She was desperate, as her existing carrier non-renewed her client’s policy. The broker she was working with said they could replace the coverage and not to worry. Three days before the effective date her broker told her they had nothing. Like so many sawmill owners, Anne’s client was loyal to her and relying on her to take care of him. Anne got our name from a friendly agent who recommended us. When we received Anne’s call it was clear she needed help and had nowhere to turn. Fortunately, with our carrier relationships and knowledge of the Forest Product Industry, we turned the submission around. We now have an agency that declared us as their “go-to market” for all of their forest products needs and a sawmill owner whose assets are protected so he can sleep soundly at night.

Case Study #2

A long-time sawmill client of ours located in the Southeast recently finalized a relationship allowing for a steady flow of orders for at least six months. Shortly after the agreement was reached, the mill owner sustained a large fire. The event was catastrophic on multiple levels. The new contract was in jeopardy, the mill was shut down and there appeared to be a large coinsurance penalty. The agent and the insured did not know where to turn. After several lengthy conference calls with the claims adjuster, we were able to find creative ways to reduce the coinsurance penalty and obtain a claims advancement. In addition to participating in the claim settlement, we assisted in the search for an alternative lumber supplier for the insured until the mill was up and running again. In the end, the client was able to maintain his contractual obligations and replace his sawmill.

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