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I'm a Commercial Producer working for a national firm in the Southeast. We pursue the wood products industry niche and look for opportunities to present risk solutions to our clients and prospects that clearly distinguish our agency from the competition. There has been one proven broker relationship that offers me and my team the advantage needed to "win" with our 'Client Focused Risk Solutions' approach. Preston Herrington, President of Continental Underwriters brokerage firm along with his team of underwriters and risk solution professionals, consistently delivers real risk solutions value through an aggressive and creative marketing approach with their long-term carrier partners, claims consulting and risk control specialists. I recently experienced Continental's claims handling expertise with a wood products manufacturer who sustained a large property claim which required much of Preston's personal involvement and coverage interpretation due diligence. Due to the complexity of the claim and the carrier's initial "limited" settlement offer, Preston's industry specific coverage expertise allowed us to leverage the multiple coverage's available within the policy structure, which ultimately prevented a significant financial loss by our insured! Thanks to Preston and his team at Continental Underwriters, I have that critical "go-to" wholesale brokerage partnership that truly understands and executes our 'Client Focused Risk Solutions' approach to our prospect's and client's insurance and risk management needs!”

"A few years ago, our carrier non-renewed all the Property due to its protection class 9 location. The Property was placed with a company in the Southeast. This year the company lost their property program, so a non-renewal was issued 75 days ago. With exactly one week left, the company called our office and said they "had nothing for us period." We panicked, got busy, sacrificed everything else for a week and in the end, Preston delivered. He accomplished in 75 hours what the expiring carrier couldn’t do in 75 days. I wanted you to know the details on this renewal in case it may help someone else. Preston Herrington did a tremendous job for us."

“In February 2013, we took over a sizeable account by broker of record. The particular account has a constant need for certificates of insurance, along with many moving parts. Being new to the account, there were many pieces of information and knowledge lacking in our file for the insured. We were receiving constant pressure from the insured to provide certain documents, certificates of insurance, etc. Continental Underwriters, Inc. was able to provide us with all of the files and material we needed in an extremely time efficient manner. Not only were they prompt in their delivery, but they took the time to explain the large policy to us and truly educate us on the account. Their actions proved to us that they honestly cared about their relationship with us, as well as, our relationship with the insured.”

“It brightens my day when I call into Continental Underwriters. The employees are so upbeat and friendly. Everything from answering the phones to the quick email responses makes day to day correspondence a breeze.”

“Due to heavy snow accumulating on roof tops, which caused buildings to collapse, one of our insured’s suffered severe losses. Our insured lost buildings at multiple locations. At the time the policy included a $1,000,000 per occurrence deductible. Our insured should have had to pay out $1,000,000 for each building damaged. With several buildings being lost at multiple locations, our insured could have lost millions. Continental Underwriters, Inc. was able to work with the carrier/adjusters and had them apply the $1,000,000 deductible to all of the buildings as a whole. Clearly, this saved our insured a tremendous amount of money.”

“I cannot express how happy we are with the level of service Continental Underwriters provided us last month. The insured had recently signed a major deal with one of their main suppliers and needed a Wavier of Subrogation before they would deliver their shipments the next business day. The WOS was requested from Continental Underwriters in the morning and we stressed to them we needed it as soon as possible so we wouldn’t hold up business. Continental Underwriters’ team was very understanding, assuring me they would do everything within their power to make this happen in a timely manner. To my surprise, within the same day of the request, the documents were sitting on my desk and business was presumed the next day like promised. Even though I know they had a million other tasks going on, they treated this problem like it was a top priority. Continental Underwriters provided us with a level of service and professionalism like no other company I have done business within my 30 years of experience. Preston and his team of underwriters are without a doubt the best around, and have put my mind to ease that they will always come through in crunch time.”